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Long Beach Car Dealer School 2021

Learn from the Best

Beginning our 24th Year

Quality DMV Certified Instruction

Farhan Mohammadi



DealerTraining101 800-901-5950

Modesto Dealer License Seminar

Pre-Licensing Dealer Class

In all of the following locations:


Culver City·Eureka·Fairfield·Fremont·Fresno·

Garden Grove·Gilroy·Hollywood·La Mesa·Long Beach·

Los Angeles·Modesto·Novato·Palm Springs·

Rancho Cordova·Redding·Riverside·Roseville·Sacramento·Salinas·

San Diego·San Francisco·San Jose·San Luis Obispo·San Mateo·

Santa Barbara·Santa Rosa·

Sherman Oaks·Stockton·Tracy·Ventura·Visalia·Walnut Creek

DealerTraining101 800-901-5950

Song Beverly As – Is Stickers

AS-IS Vehicle Sale

Every sale of a vehicle that is governed by the
provisions of The Song Beverly Act, sold on
an “as is” or “with all faults” basis, made in
compliance with the provisions of this Act, shall
constitute a waiver by the buyer of the implied
warranty of merchantability and, where
applicable, of the implied warranty of fitness.
This waiver does not include provisions of
Division 12 establishing minimum safety
requirements for every vehicle sold.

We are suggesting the following sticker for complete AS-IS disclosure

along with a statement of facts signed by the buyer

$75. for 100. including postage



DealerTraining101 800-901-5950

Donate Your Car

We run the oldest vehicle donation program in San Francisco
Donations benefit the Curtin Pacific Institute
Full Value Donations
Complete IRS Paperwork
Towing & Appraisal at No Charge