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build a BPA registration service right in your dealership

  • The BPA Program offers a variety of benefits such as:

    • Saves time, may increase revenue and allows you to have full control over the transactions processed from your location.
    • Allows you to submit the exact fees calculated by DMV, eliminates bundle credits, ASF and issuing checks to DMV.
    • Reduce trips to DMV to submit your work.
    • May eliminate your inquiries to DMV.
    • Enhanced customer service – another way to offer the best possible service to your customers.
    • Customers will benefit from the one-stop registration service by getting their plates, registration cards, and stickers directly from you.
    • Customers will no longer have to wait for their plates, which will eliminate telephone calls to you regarding the status of their license plates.
    • Provide your customers alternative payment options, such as paying their registration fees with a credit card.
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