Here are the steps to get your car dealer license

What are the steps to obtaining a California Car Dealer License in 2020?

  • DMV Licensing Paperwork. Here’s a great DMV link that explains how to complete the DMV Dealer Application paperwork.
  • Pre-Licensing Education. Spend your money here and don’t try to hurry out of class because you haven’t set aside the right amount of time to get educated on your business.
  • City Business License. You won’t need this if your business location is in an unincorporated area of your city.
  • Fictitious Name Statement which is issued by the County Clerk’s desk. You won’t need this if you are forming a Corporation of LLC.
  • Car Dealer Bond ($10K or $50K). Wholesale-only dealers that sell less than 25 vehicles per year can get a $10K bond. There is also a carve-out in the law that allows a $10K bond for motorcycle-only retail dealers. All other wholesale, auto broker, or retail dealers need a $50K bond.
  • Signing a lease on Business Location.
  • Resale Permit from the Board of Equalization (BOE).
  • Checkbook in the Business Name.
  • Signage. Your outdoor signs have to visible from 50 feet away. Your Business License and are a few other items need to be hanging on your wall where your customers can see them.

Photos. 8 – 12 photos are required depending on if you are getting your wholesale, auto broker, or retail dealer license.

* It is absolutely critical that the business name on each document match identically.

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