Car Dealer Bond Claim ???

What Would Trigger a Bond Claim??

(The Potential Claimants)

  • The lender or flooring company for the dealer’s inventory. If the dealer doesn’t pay his obligations to the lender, they will file a claim against the surety company and that will trigger an investigation and if justified, the claim will be paid. As a result, the surety company will subrogate against the dealer.
  • The DMV also can make claims against a bond for unpaid fees or fines, etc.
  • A dealer can make a claim against a dealer if they can prove (typically through a Small Claims Court judgment) that they suffered a loss at the hands of the dealer.
  • The public! Again, Small Claims Court generally handles these types of claims.

**Any paid claims will result in the dealer bond being canceled, which would cancel your California Car Dealer License**

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