Car Dealer Best Practices California

Chapter 26 Refunds

26.000 Refunds–General

26.005 Refunds on Abated, Abandoned, or Low Value Vehicles

26.010 Refunds on Apportioned Vehicles

26.015 Refunds on Other Fees

26.020 Refunds on Prorated VLF for Constructive Total Loss Vehicles

26.025 Refunds on Renewal Fees

26.030 Refunds on Renewal Fees Paid Twice for the Same Registration Year

26.035 Refunds on Undelivered New Vehicles

26.040 Refunds on Unrecovered Stolen Vehicles

26.045 Refunds on Unused Vehicles

26.050 Refunds on Vehicle License Fees (VLF) for Nonresident Military (NRM) Owners

26.055 Refunds on Vehicles Delivered Out of State

26.060 Refunds on 49-State/Direct Import Vehicles
Vehicle Industry Registration Procedures Manual – Table of Contents