California Dealer Renewal Online


EZ, Simple, Comprehensive Training
We will provide you a complete course of dealer education.

As an existing licensed dealer you must
take a continuing education course once every two years.

To receive your TriStar certificate of continuing education you must review our DMV approved curriculum and pass our quiz.

(Application for exemption if wholesale only & < 49 cars per year)

How it works:

1. You sign up online
2. This gives you access to all of our online materials including:
  – Comprehensive Study Guide with useful tips, discussion points & helpful website links
  – Quiz that demonstrates an understanding of current DMV dealer license regulations.
3. Take the test as you go:
  – The study guide is broken up into 12 sections:
      – At the end of each section you will be asked 10 multiple choice questions.
      – If you answer all 10 questions correctly you move on to the next section.
      – You must get 100% correct – otherwise you are prompted to return to the
        reading section and retake any questions you missed.

  – Once you complete the quiz we get your request for certification.
  – We always send two dealer license continuing education certificates
    (first duplicate included at no charge) USPS priority mail.
    USPS Express service is available for an additional $45.00

Sign up today! Get your certificate of continuing education tomorrow – it’s that easy!

Useful Information to Remember
We now have three methods to serve you:

1) In-Person with handbook, discussion and no testing
2) Home Study with test and study guide for review
3) Online Class with study guide, test and immediate certification (see above)

Renewals are mandatory every TWO years.
All materials provided, including study materials and handbook.
LSP may attend, we need salesperson license number (S with 6 digits) with expiration date.Also Available for your review online:Pre-Licensing Outline | AutoGodFather Car Dealer Blog | Car Dealer TwitterCar Dealer Facebook

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