Advantages to holding a California Used Car Dealer License

Advantages to a California Used Car Dealer License
  • Access into dealer-only auctions
  • Acquiring vehicles at wholesale dealer prices
  • Acquiring vehicles with auction company financing
  • No sales tax on your vehicle purchases
  • No registration fees on your vehicle purchases
  • Dealer plates to drive your vehicles without registering them
  • Make money doing what you enjoy
  • Write off your expenses
  • Work part time or work it into full time
  • Significant money buying vehicles for yourself, friends and family
  • Acquire locally, or exporting to other countries
  • Acquire at the auctions and selling on Craigslist, E-Bay, or your own website
  • Brokering vehicles owned by other car dealers
  • Avoid getting caught selling without a license.
  • Drive great vehicles and then sell them at a profit.