2023 Dealer License Continuing Education OL 256

With the recent filing of consignment fraud & tax evasion charges in federal court against a millionaire car broker from Marin County we thought it would be a good time to offer a dealer education workshop devoted to reminding all dealers of the importance of completing the consignment agreement and broker agreement completely & correctly.

Walter Dawydiak of San Francisco and his company Cars Dawydiak Inc have an impressive resume of selling consignments & brokering for over 40 years.

Walter Dawydiak is charged with falsifying invoices  to those consigning high end collector cars, lowering the net take for the seller.

Walter Dawydiak is further charged tax evasion with paying his staff in cash to avoid the payment of taxes.

Walter Dawydiak is facing an ongoing investigation with the CDTFA to verify that his report of sales reported amount match the amounts collected from the consignment buyer.

Here is a local newspaper story about Walter’s consignment fraud & tax evasion troubles:

Dawydiak’s attorney, Ed Swanson, said in an email to that newspaper that he expects Dawydiak to plead guilty, and that he “promptly and completely accepted responsibility for his actions.”

“(Dawydiak) also implemented new processes at the company in September 2019 to ensure clients always receive a detailed breakdown on expenses and what they are owed on a sale,” Swanson said. “He is extremely remorseful, and has been working closely with the prosecutors and agents to repay clients who lost money because of his conduct as well as to make full payment to IRS for underreporting overtime payroll tax.”

DMV Retail Consignment agreements are very specific as to content and formula.

DMV Broker Licensing agreements are very specific at to content and formula.

In our Consignment Sale / Broker Agreement workshop we discuss the various formulas allowed by DMV and we provide sample templates for each scenario.

We conduct these courses throughout California. The fee for our workshop is: $195 – for our private continuing education workshop.

TriStar dealer training is an excellent alternative to most continuing education programs, as we are retired law enforcement training officers, licensed DMV dealers/brokers/registration agents/verification agents and never in the business of selling you dealer products.

The goal of each session is to provide comprehensive training in an easy to read and follow format.

As our dealer license continuing education student you will be shown the required materials in our handbook, with an in-depth explanation of each required topic.

We offer training beyond expectation as currently licensed retail dealers/brokers.

We are fully licensed DMV BPA Registration Agents.

We are fully licensed DMV VIN Verification Agents.

At anytime, if you have questions or need help you may call us toll free at:


Direct to DMV Same Day Certification

This workshop qualifies as ongoing continuing education and your DMV certificate of completion OL 256 will be digitally delivered to DMV Licensing HQ on the day of your workshop.

You will have a digital copy for upload to your DMV Dealer License Management Account.

DMV approved continuing education class:

  • Registration and Class Completion – The course mandate covers a variety of topics and our program has full approval of the California Department of Motor Vehicles. 
  • Download Our How Do I Become A Car Dealer Check list to get all of your questions answered.

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